Board of Advisors

Board of Advisors:

 (Jack) John J. Craciun III Founder, Chairman
 Richard A. Kunin, M.D.,  Founder, TFMF Group Nutrition-based Medicine Clinical Trial & Product Formulation Advisor        
 Scott C. Tips, J.D.,  Founder, TFMF Global Nutrition-based Clinical Trial Advisor and Health Freedom Legislation Advisor             Gregory Kunin Founder, TFM/TFMF Nutrition Product Development & National Health Federation  Advisor                               Arijit Bhattacharyya Founder, TFM/TFMF Global Business Development. Non-Profit & For-Profit Initiative Advisor                     Dr. Tang Jinlong Founder, ITM Group China Culture & Business Development Advisor
 Antwain A. Thomas,  Founder, ITM Group Global Project Management & Financial Engineering Advisor
 Dr. Hu Xingdou, Founder, ITM Group Global Econ Development & Cross-Cultural Social Awareness Edu Program Advisor           Dwight McKee MD, CNS.,  Founder Emeritus, TFMF Integrative Medicine & Integrative Cancer Research Advisor

 Scott Huckestein,  Founder, ITM Group Global Non-Profit & For-Profit Business Development Advisor
 Zhiyong Peng, MD, PhD.,  Founder, TFMF Clinical Trial & Critical Care Medicine Advisor
 Richard Z. Cheng MD, PhD.,  Founder, TFMF Orthomolecular Medicine Communications & Integrative Medicine Advisor       Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD.,  Founder, TFMF Orthomolecular Medicine & Oxidative Stress Clinical Trial Advisor
 Michael Gonzalez, D.Sc., Ph.D.,  Founder, TFMF Orthomolecular and Nutritional Biochemistry Medicine Advisor
 Daniel Weber PhD.,  Founder, TFMF Chinese Traditional Medicine & Integrative Cancer Research Advisor
 Phil Salem,  Founder, ITM Communications, Equipment & Product Manufacturing & Merchandising  Advisor                                   Janet Whittimore,  Founder, ITM Group Accounting Administration and Management Advisor
 Kenneth Krych,  Founder, ITM (US) Senior Business Development Advisor
 Donald Yance,  Founder, ITM Group Botanical & Nutritional Medicine
 Dr. George Smiga, S.T.D., Founder, ITM Group History & Culture Research Project Manager
 Michael Montler,  Founder, ITM Group Global Communications & Global Chinatown Media Affairs Advisor
 Mark DeJohn,  Founder, ITM Group Business Development & Product/Territory Licensing Advisor
 Aaron Marinelli,  Founder, ITM Group Consumer Product Division Board of Advisor
 James M. Craciun,  Founder, ITM Group USA/Eastern European Political & Human Rights Affairs Advisor
 Pat Bi Io Weng,  Founder, ITM (China) Founder & President
 Gobind G. Hotchandani,  Founder, ITM Group, Trade Division President and COA Hong Kong & India
 Robert Hendry,  Founder, ITM (US) American Culture & Business Advisor

Committee Chairman:

 Aiqin Zhou Founder, Chinese Literature, Fine Art and Calligraphy
 Ms. Pu Ying, Founder, Chinese Media and Cross Cultural Affairs
 Brandi Hunter Founder, Chief Audio-Visual Content Producer, Director and Engineer
 Ren XiaofengFounder, China Investment Research and Project Management Advisor
 Lan Zhang-Montler Founder, Cultural Research, Chinese Translation, and Diplomatic Affairs Advisor


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