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Introduction to:

The Future of Medicine Foundation™ Ltd.
(In Organization)

“Returning Health to Humanity Through Nutrition-Based Medicine”


The Future of Medicine Inc.
(PPM in Development)

"Expanding Entrepreneurship with Social Service to Set a Global Example”

Primary Purpose: To educate the public, business and healthcare industry leaders by consistently reporting good science and conveying newsworthy facts that prove the importance of (nutrition-based) Orthomolecular Medicine’s application of nutrition to prevent and or cure disease in order to sustain or regain a healthy quality of life.  This is a concept which is fundamental to the foundation and evolution of Integrative Medicine and Functional Medicine and their integration into the forefront of mainstream medicine for the benefit of humanity.

Top Priority: The Foundation and the ITM HDIVC Clinical Trial Project Steering Committee are to establish marketing, branding and fundraising strategies that will serve best to obtain the validating scientific data that proves High-dose Intravenous Vitamin C will defeat Covid-19 in critically ill patients. This is best achieved by expanding the gold standard HDIVC clinical trial of associate Dr. Zhiyong Peng to meet or exceed 300 patients in multi-center ICU multi-national clinical trials. 

Special Note: It has been decided that two additional newsworthy clinical trials in addition to Dr. Peng’s Multi-center ICU Multi-national Clinical Trial are to take place. These two new trials are to be defined by the Medical Steering Committee team and will be funded through ongoing rounds of marketing and fundraising.

Long-term Purpose: To globally brand Orthomolecular Medicine (Nutrition-Based Medicine) and its role in Integrative Medicine (the merging of Nutrition Based Medicine with Mainstream Medicine) by aggressively promoting global education to establish the asset values of recognition and acceptance by a broad demographic base of consumers and business leaders through newsworthy communications, marketing, and advertising initiatives. In-deed, our primary focus is to develop a global appreciation within consumer markets for the disease prevention and life saving attributes of nutrition based Orthomolecular Medicine,  The Future of Medicine Foundation™ and the members of its medical team into global brands who will successfully serve with sustainability to merge nutrition-based Orthomolecular and Integrative Medicine more fully into mainstream medicine.

The Future of Medicine Foundation™ Ltd. is a Non-Profit Limited Liability Company established in the State of Ohio.  The 501(c)(3) tax exemption filing is in preparation pending the completion of the Foundation’s Organization.

The Future of Medicine Foundation™ Ltd.  &  The Future of Medicine™ Inc.
Board of Directors and Board of Advisors

Board of Directors:
- (Jack) John J. Craciun III                  (Founder / Chairman)
Richard A. Kunin, M.D.                    (Founder / Honorary Director & Member, Board of Advisors)
- Scott C. Tips, J.D.                             (Founder / Honorary Director & Member, Board of Advisors)
- Dr. Tang Jinlong                               (Founder / Honorary Director & Member, Board of Advisors)
- James M. Craciun                             (Founder / Director & Member, Board of Advisors)
- Antwain A. Thomas                          (Founder / Director & Member, Board of Advisors)
- Janet Whittimore                             (Founder / Director & Member, Board of Advisors)
- Kenneth Krych                                 (Founder / Director & Member, Board of Advisors)

Board of Advisors:
- (Jack) John J. Craciun III                  (Founder, Chairman)
- Richard A. Kunin, M.D.                    (Founder, TFMF Group Nutrition-based Medicine Clinical Trial & Product Formulation                                                                        Advisor)
- Scott C. Tips, J.D.                             (Founder, TFMF Global Nutrition-based Clinical Trial Advisor and Health Freedom                                                                                Legislation Affairs Director)
- Gregory Kunin                                 (Founder, TFM/TFMF Nutrition Product Development & National Health                                                                                                Federation Advisor)
- Arijit Bhattacharyya                        (Founder, TFM/TFMF Global Business Development. Non-Profit & For-Profit Initiative                                                                        Advisor)
- Dr. Tang Jinlong                               (Founder, ITM Group China Culture & Business Development Advisor)
- Lorinda Laughlin                             (Founder, ITM (US) President & Culture Research Advisor)
- Antwain A. Thomas                         (Founder, ITM Group Global Project Management & Financial Engineering Advisor)
- Dr. Hu Xingdou                                (Founder, ITM Group Global Economic Development & Cross-Cultural Social Awareness                                                                    Education Program Advisor
- Dwight McKee MD, CNS.                (Founder Emeritus, TFMF Integrative Medicine & Integrative Cancer Research Advisor)

Scott Huckestein                             (Founder, ITM Group Global Non-Profit & For-Profit Business Development Advisor
- Zhiyong Peng, MD, PhD.                 (Founder, TFMF Clinical Trial & Critical Care Medicine Advisor)
- Richard Z. Cheng MD, PhD.            (Founder, TFMF Orthomolecular Medicine Communications & Integrative                                                                                              Medicine Clinical Trial Project Management Advisor)
- Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD.                 (Founder, TFMF Orthomolecular Medicine & Oxidative Stress Clinical Trial Advisor)
- Michael Gonzalez, MD,  Ph.D.        (Founder, TFMF Orthomolecular and Nutritional Biochemistry Medicine Advisor)
Daniel Weber PhD.                          (Founder, TFMF Chinese Traditional Medicine & Integrative Cancer Research Advisor)
- Phil Salem                                         (Founder, ITM Communications, Equipment & Product Manufacturing & Merchandising                                                                      Advisor)
- Janet Whittimore                             (Founder, ITM Group Accounting Administration and Management Advisor)
- Kenneth Krych                                 (Founder, ITM (US)) Senior Business Development Advisor)
- Donald Yance                                   (Founder, ITM Group Botanical & Nutritional Medicine)
Dr. George Smiga, S.T.D.                 (Founder, ITM Group History & Culture Research Project Manager)
- Michael Montler                              (Founder, ITM Group Global Communications & Global Chinatown Media Affairs Advisor)
- Mark DeJohn                                    (Founder, ITM Group Business Development & Product/Territory Licensing Advisor)
- Aaron Marinelli                                (Founder, ITM Group Consumer Product Division Board of Advisor)
- James M. Craciun                            (Founder, ITM Group USA/Eastern European Political & Human Rights Affairs Advisor)
- Pat Bi Io Weng                                 (Founder, ITM (China) Founder & President)
- Gobind G. Hotchandani                 (Founder, ITM Group, Trade Division President and COA Hong Kong & India)
- Robert Hendry                                 (Founder, ITM (US) American Culture & Business Advisor)

Committee Chairman:
- Aiqin Zhou                                      (Founder, Chinese Literature, Fine Art and Calligraphy)
- Ms. Pu Ying                                    (Founder, Chinese Media and Cross Cultural Affairs)
- Ren Xiaofeng                                  (Founder, China Investment Research and Project Management)
- Lan Zhang-Montler                       (Founder, Cultural Research, Chinese Translation, and Diplomatic Affairs)
- Brandi Hunter                                (Founder, Chief Audio-Visual Content Producer, Director and Engineer)

Richard Kunin

In Memoriam
Richard A. Kunin, M.D.
The Future of Medicine Foundation™
Founder / Honorary Director and Member, Board of Advisors
National Health Federation
Vice-President and Member, Board of Governors
Orthomolecular Medicine (ISOM) Hall of Fame Inductee
OLA LOA Global Memoriam Announcement Dr. Richard A. Kunin:,-In-Memoriam-Richard-A.-Kunin-MD
TFMF BIO: Dr. Richard A. Kunin

Kunin_Kunin Photo_Without Text

Upon acceptance of his TFMF position, Dr. Kunin wrote, “It is my sincere hope that our collaboration will lead to a greater international awareness amongst the general public, business leaders, and the global medical community to join forces and work together with the foundation to generate the economic resources required to continue research and the latest clinical trials the foundation has brought to my attention in the field of Orthomolecular Medicine and Nutrition.         

And of equal importance, I am very proud to join with you and the prestigious Future of Medicine Foundation medical team members and business leaders you have brought together to advance global recognition, acceptance and advocacy within consumer markets for the disease prevention and lifesaving attributes of Orthomolecular, Integrative, and Functional Medicine and the premier global institutions that work to protect our rights to nutrition and nutrition-based medicine, the National Health Federation and the Foundation for Health Research.

Once established as globally respected brands, the National Health Federation, ISOM, and other like-minded institutions, in league with The Future of Medicine Foundation™ and the members of its medical team and business leaders, will successfully serve with sustainability to merge nutrition-based medicine more fully into mainstream medicine. This will undoubtedly lead to a marked improvement of world health and a restoration of Health to Humanity.” –
Dr. Richard A. Kunin

In 1999, Dr. Kunin and his son, Gregory Kunin, co-founded Ola Loa health products. Ola Loa’s award-winning products, formulated by Dr. Kunin, are based on his groundbreaking research. In 2018, Dr. Kunin received the National Health Federation Health Freedom Hero Award (pictured above with Gregory Kunin, NHF Vice-President.)   The NHF is the world’s only recognized INGO (International Non-Governmental Organization) of the United Nation’s established Codex Alimentarius Commission which is the highest agriculture, food, and nutrition governing body in the world. See: Board Member Introspective: Dr. Richard Kunin,” by NHF President, Scott Tips. Health Freedom News, Spring 2006. 

Dr. Kunin’s renowned and brilliant life’s work to establish Orthomolecular (nutrition-based) medicine, and his research and practice blazed new trails that represent the very essence of the Future of Medicine. His legacy and spirit will continue to inspire and guide our mission to “Return Health to Humanity”. He remains a Founder and Honorary Director of The Future of Medicine Foundation™ in perpetuity. Jack Craciun III, ITM Chairman/CEO

Kunin_Pauling_You Tube Tuxedo

Dr. Kunin and two-time Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling, Ph.D  
Co-founders of the world’s first Orthomolecular Medicine Society  

Discuss Nutrition-based Medicine, Vitamin Therapies,  
the Future of Mainstream Medicine evolving
to Return Health to Humanity
at Stanford in 1993

Selected Books & Periodicals Authored by Dr. Kunin

Scott Tips_Portrait

Scott C. Tips, J.D.

National Health Federation & Foundation for Health Research
President and General Counsel

Health Freedom News Magazine

The Future of Medicine Foundation™
Founder/Honorary Director, and Member of the Board of Advisors

Scott C. Tips, J.D.

FHR Banner

NHF Banner Logo

Health Freedom News

Scott Tips is the President and General Counsel for the National Health Federation and its sister organization, the Foundation for Health Research. The NHF is the world's oldest consumer health freedom organization and the only such organization recognized to speak, submit scientific research, and actively shape global policy at international meetings of the Codex Alimentarius Commission. Codex is the United Nations-established organization that sets international food standards, guidelines and codes of practice. Scott has attended more Codex meetings worldwide as chief delegate for NHF than all other health-freedom activists combined.

Scott Tips_Richard Kunin

Left:   -Scott Tips JD, NHF President,
        -Dr. Richard Kunin, NHF V. P.

Video: Scott Tips JD,  NHF President & Codex Delegate:

“What is Codex Alimentarius?

NHF Chairman_President Left: NHF Chairman David Noakes & President Scott Tips

Injustice Done to David Noakes
as UK Government Kills More People, By Scott C. Tips

, By Scott C. Tips

Dwight L. McKee, MD

The Future of Medicine Foundation™
Founder / Director Emeritus

Scientific Director of Lifeplus International

The Lifeplus Virtual Tour: Part 1 - Introduction by Dr Dwight McKee
The Lifeplus Virtual Tour: Part 2 - Quality Assurance Laboratory Technology

The Spirit of Lifeplus, Stuttgart, Germany:
ITM: The Future of Medicine™ has Arrived to Truly Save Lives Now!

After Cancer Care: Co-Authored by Dr. Dwight McKee
A World without Cancer (National PBS TV Special):
The Future of Medicine™ & New Cures for Degenerative Disease have Arrived to Truly Save Lives Now

After Cancer Care-Dr McKee

Nutrition-based Therapies that Prevent Illness and Restores Health are here:

After Cancer Care is now available in stores and online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BAM and iTunes.iTunes.

After Cancer Care reviews at Amazon:

Greg Kunin_NHF Photo

Gregory M. Kunin

National Health Federation
Vice President

Ola Loa Health Products
Co-Founder and CEO

The Future of Medicine™, Inc.
The Future of Medicine Foundation™ Ltd &
Founder / Member of the Board of Advisors

Gregory Kunin

Greg Kunin is Vice-President of the National Health Federation (NHF), the world’s only recognized INGO (International Non-Governmental Organization) of the United Nation’s established Codex Alimentarius Commission, which is the highest agriculture, food, and nutrition governing body in the world. NHS is the only health-freedom organization with the right to attend and be heard at Codex meetings, making it the most powerful, most influential advocate for health freedom policies which directly affect 7 billion people worldwide.

National Health Federation Board Member Introspective: Greg Kunin
By NHF President, Scott Tips. Health Freedom News, Summer 2020.

Co-founded with his father, Orthomolecular (nutrition-based) Medicine pioneer, Dr. Richard Kunin, Greg is CEO of Ola Loa (, whose award winning nutrition products provide the most comprehensive and strategic nutritional support available on the market today and are based on Dr. Kunin’s  groundbreaking research in antioxidant therapy and methylation support as well as the most current clinical research.

Dr. Richard A. Kunin & son Gregory Kunin, become Founding Members of The Future of Medicine Foundation


Greg Kunin Introduces Orthomolecular Medicine
15 Principles that Identify Orthomolecular Medicine - By Richard A. Kunin, MD

Greg Kunin_Pauling_Photo_Without Text

“If there is a product on earth that represents the future of preventative and therapeutic nutrition-based medicine it is OLA LOA”.  At a time when all  humanity on earth is facing deadly immune challenges, the OLA LOA ‘drink your vitamins’ nutrition formulas make it easy to stay protected and healthy.”
Jack Craciun III

Left:  Greg Kunin with Dr. Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Laureate and Co-Founder with Dr. Richard Kunin, of the first Orthomolecular Medical Society.

Dr Zhiyong Peng

Zhiyong Peng, MD, PhD

Director of World’s First Randomized IV Vitamin C Clinical Trial  

Vice - Director, Center for Clinical Trials, Wuhan University
Chairman, Critical Care Medicine, Zhongnan Hospital

TFMF BIO: Dr. Zhiyong Peng

Press Release: Orthomolecular Medicine News Service,
Feb 13, 2020

“Coronavirus Patients in China to be Treated with High-Dose Vitamin C”

Dr. Zhiyong Peng initiates First China-based Multi-Center High-Dose IV Vitamin C Clinical Trial,  published July 8, 2020:  BMJ Open: ICU Protocol: “Intravenous high-dose vitamin C for the treatment of severe COVID-19”:

ITM NEWS Update:  Dr. Peng’s summary of China-based multi-center HDIVC pilot trial in critically ill COVID-19 patients:

Dr. Richard Cheng Video Photo

Dr. Peng finds himself in high demand as a COVID-19 consultant to his global peers
as Director of the world’s first randomized high-dose IV vitamin C clinical trial.Richard Cheng, MD, PhD, Director of the Medical & Scientific Advisory Board to the International Intravenous Vitamin C China Epidemic Medical Support Team, holds an international video conference with Guest Speaker, Dr. Zhiyong Peng.

London-based Patrick Holford, one of the world’s leading authorities on health & nutrition,
interviews Dr. Zhiyong Peng on the success of IV Vitamin C for treating patients infected by the coronavirus.

Dr. Richard Cheng Hospital ITM Global Release in two languages:
April 14, 2020

ITM: China Leads the Way to Saving Lives and it is
Good News for NYC -- Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients
are being Successfully Treated


Professional Memberships and Associations
Research Publications

Dr. Richard Cheng

Richard Z. Cheng, MD, PhD, ABAARM

Director of the Medical & Scientific Advisory Board to the
International Intravenous Vitamin C China Epidemic Medical Support Team

Editor-in-Chief, Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, China Edition

Board of Editors, Orthomolecular Medicine News Service

TFMF BIO: Dr. Richard Z. Cheng

Working closely with the International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine and the Orthomolecular Medicine NEWS Service to promote public awareness of orthomolecular medicine and Integrative Medicine in the prevention and treatment of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Cheng has helped to make Vitamin C a worldwide topic, continuing the lifetime passion and devotion of both Drs. Linus Pauling and Abram Hoffer, the two giants who created the concept of orthomolecular medicine and founded the ISOM organization.

Dr. Cheng’s response to Dr. Zhiyong Peng’s Clinical Trial Summary:

"Can early and high intravenous dose of vitamin C prevent and treat coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)?" Medicine in Drug Discovery Vol. 5. (2020)

“Ascorbate as Prophylaxis and Therapy for COVID-19—Update from Shanghai and U.S. Medical Institutions” - Global Advances in Health and Medicine: Vol. 9. (July 20, 2020)

Cheng Video Dr. Cheng interview with CGTN America on the need for a “Protected
Population Immunity” strategy to fight new outbreaks of Covid-19.

As the Director of the Medical & Scientific Advisory Board to the International Intravenous Vitamin C China Epidemic Medical Support Team, Dr. Richard Z. Cheng has been highly sought after by global media and has coordinated online video conferences with medical experts from around the world to discuss preliminary results of IV vitamin C treatments. Video recordings of Dr. Cheng’s global interviews can be seen at:

Professional Affiliations                Selected Lectures and Interviews                Selected Publications

Dr. Thomas Levy

Thomas E. Levy, M.D., J.D.

Orthomolecular Medicine Hall of Fame Inductee

The Future of Medicine Foundation™ Ltd
Orthomolecular Medicine and Oxidative Stress Clinical Trial Advisor

TFMF BIO: Dr. Thomas E. Levy

Commentary by Thomas E. Levy, M.D., Ph.D.,
Orthomolecular Medicine News Service (July 18, 2020)

COVID-19 - How can I cure thee? Let me count the ways

A graduate of Tulane University School of Medicine and the University of Denver College of Law, Dr. Thomas E. Levy is a board-certified cardiologist, a bar-certified attorney and groundbreaking author of Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins, plus eleven other groundbreaking medical books. He is one of the world's leading vitamin C experts and frequently lectures to medical professionals all over the globe about the role of vitamin C and antioxidants in the treatment of disease.

Curing the Incurable Book

Dr. Levy London Interview

Magnesium Reversing Disease Book

                                                                           Dr. Levy speaks to London’s Top Santé editor Katy Sunnassee
                                                                       about Covid19 and vitamin C 
for cancer.

Death by Calcium Book

Optimal Nutrition for Optimal Health

Primal Panacea

Hidden Epidemic

Stop America's Killer

Uniformed Consent

Recently inducted into the Orthomolecular Medicine Hall of Fame, Dr. Levy’s lifetime dedication focuses on the impact of the orthomolecular application of vitamin C and antioxidants in general on chronic degenerative diseases. His ongoing research involves documenting that all diseases are different forms and degrees of focal scurvy, arising from increased oxidative stress, especially intracellularly, and that they all benefit from protocols that optimize the antioxidant levels in the body. Finding ways to best restore these antioxidant levels is the main thrust of Dr. Levy’s ongoing research. To learn more about Dr. Levy, go to

Professional Organizations, Positions and Affiliations

Dr. Gonzalez

Dr. Michael J. González, NMD, D.Sc., Ph.D

University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences
School of Public Health
Professor of Nutrition and Biochemistry

Orthomolecular Medicine (ISOM) Hall of Fame Inductee

Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine
Editorial Board

The Future of Medicine Foundation™
Founder / Member of the Board of Advisors

“Orthomolecular Medicine: The Best Cost Effective, Rational and
Scientific Choice for Disease Treatment”

Michael J. González, D.Sc., Ph.D

Michael J. Gonzalez, D.Sc., Ph.D.  is a Professor at the Nutrition Program, School of Public Health, Medical Sciences Campus of the University of Puerto Rico and is on the Adjunct Faculty at the Universidad Central del Caribe School of Medicine. He is a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition, has published over 250 peer-reviewed scientific articles.

Dr. Gonzalez is one of the first Latino and Puerto Rican inductees in the Orthomolecular Medicine Hall of Fame. He has won several research awards for his work on nutrition and cancer. In 2013, he was exalted as Distinguished Ponceño in the area of Medicine for his contributions in various areas of nontoxic disease therapy, and in 2015 he was selected as member to the prestigious Puerto Rican Academy of Arts and Sciences and to the Iberoamerican Academy of Culture and Sciences.

                                                            I Have Cancer New Insights on Vitamin C and Cancer

A leader in the development of non-toxic cancer treatments. Dr. González is one of the founders of InBioMed, leaders in the development of non-toxic chemotherapy treatments for cancer. The findings of their work with Intravenous Vitamin C as an anti-cancer agent, published in 2002, were confirmed by the NIH in 2005. They published the first Phase-I clinical study utilizing Intravenous Vitamin C for treatment of terminal cancer patients in 2005, and also published in 2005 the most comprehensive review on Vitamin C and Cancer, as a follow-up on the work of two times Nobel Laureate, Dr. Linus C. Pauling.

Dr. Gonzalez has a clinical practice in nutritional medicine in Ponce, Puerto Rico, serves as a nutrition consultant for the national basketball team of Puerto Rico, and is part of the Medical Commission of the Puerto Rican Basketball Federation.

Professor Daniel Weber, PhD, MSc

World Renowned Expert & Author
Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pioneer of Integrative Medicine

Dr. Daniel Weber Photo & Books ITM BIO: Dr. Daniel Weber

Dr. Weber Books

Dr. Daniel Weber Affiliations:

- CEO Panaxea Medicine / President; Association for Integrative Oncology and Chinese Medicine
- Member editorial board; Journal of Integrative Medicine (China)
- Vice-Chair Oncology; World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies
- Advisor to the Global Consortium of Oncology and Chinese Medicine (Beijing)
- Chinese Medicine Board of Australia Reg:CMR0001709700 / Visiting Professor; Tianjin University

Dr. Daniel Weber Introduction

  -                      -                       

  -                                           -

  -                                             -

Donald R. Yance, CN, MH, RG (AHG)

Internationally Recognized Expert and Author
Botanical & Nutritional Medicine Clinical Master Herbalist & Certified Nutritionist

Dr. Yance Photo & Books ITM BIO: Donald Yance

Dr. Yance Banner

Introduction Links:

Founder & President, The Mederi Foundation

     Founder, The Mederi Centre for Natural Healing

         President and Formulator, Natura Health Products

     Professional Member, American Herbalists Guild

                                         Professional Member, National Association of Nutrition Professionals

Introduction to:
The Future of Medicine™, Inc.

TFM Video Photo

The Future of Medicine™ is developing into a $100 million dollar Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) of The Future of Medicine Inc. The third and final stage of developments pertains to Integrative Medicine, Integrative Cancer Research, and related Clinical Trials.

The Future of Medicine™ Inc., from inception, has been conceived and financially engineered by ITM, ITM Strategic Alliances, practitioners, affiliated service providers, and members of The First Dragon Foundation™.

The Future of Medicine is a $250,000 Sponsor of The First Dragon™ Chinese Cross Cultural Exchange.

ITM Global Inter-Corp Video

The Future of Medicine Category I:

Established Purpose & Development of “The Future of Medicine” Inc.  Private Placement Memorandum:

- ITM Develops “The Future of Medicine” enterprise Private Placement Memorandum (See below Exhibit
- The ITM/Manacci Seraphim Group Ltd. Strategic Alliance purpose is accomplished, Alliance is completed) (Service Provider) (Service Provider)

Critical Care Transport: Global Terrestrial, Rotor Wing / Fixed Wing & Stratospheric Repatriation

“The Future of Medicine Lies in the History of Nursing and the Application of New Technology”

Christopher F. Manacci has practiced in the air medical arena for nearly three decades. He is recognized globally as the academic leader in the field of Acute Care Flight Nurse Practitioners and the international expert in commercial critical care transport venues. He established the world’s first Acute Care Flight Nurse Practitioners Program and global Advance Practice Transport System.

Dr. Christopher Manacci established the ITM (US) Ltd / Manacci Seraphim Group Ltd. Strategic Alliance. The Alliance focus is to globally market proven programs and initiate new programs relating to human space travel in the fields of Flight Nursing and Critical Care Air Rescue Programs.

"As one of the leading healthcare institutions in the world it is our responsibility to share our resources with others," Christopher Manacci, Architect & Manager of Cleveland Clinic Global CCT enterprise.”

The Future of Medicine Category II:        

Established Purpose & Development of “
The Future of Medicine” Inc.  Private Placement Memorandum:

The Fourth Dimension Nursing University™ (4DNU);
(Knowledge and Experience at the Speed of Life).

The Fourth Dimension Medical Center™ (4DMC);
(The only place you can get a second opinion on your first visit).

The 4DMC & 4DNU Tele-Health Network(s)™ will, for the first time, efficiently link together, simultaneously in real time, anywhere and at any time, large or individual audiences made up of students and or consulting practitioners at the moment patient care is being administered in any environment.

On January 13, 2012, focused upon merging Mr. Manacci’s academic and clinical practice with the world’s leading interactive communication technology to deliver “The Future of Medicine” to physicians, Patients, and students, around the world and into space, Jack Craciun III introduced the ITM Group and its The First Dragon™ Ltd., a highly efficient global market news driven branding campaign, the ITM (US) Ltd. / Manacci Seraphim Group Ltd. Strategic Alliance, and Christopher F. Manacci, to Dr. Ahmad F. Moradi, MMIS, the Chairman of Maxwell Inc., and Interchange Medical, Inc.  On June 4th, 2012, granted Manacci Seraphim Group Ltd. an Irrevocable Worldwide licensing and distribution rights through building two special platforms under the terms and conditions of NetStairsPlatformTechnology License Agreement (PTLA) to create “The Future of Medicine:”

The NetStairs PTLA insures that the Future of Medicine tele-health network(s) will be the first to employ commercial applications of secure, encrypted and HIPAA compliant Interactive Integrated Tele-Health Technology to efficiently provide a high quality Synthetic Natural Environment™ that will transcend education, practice, and patient care, in traditional or austere environments, into the Fourth Dimension.

Merger of the Manacci Seraphim Group Ltd. (MSG) and Interchange Medical Inc. (ICMI)   

After nearly 8 months of research and negotiations and under the plan of exchange and re-organization, Maxwell Rand Inc. has agreed to divest its $30 million Paid-in-capital holdings in ICMI in association with the ITM Group combining the resources of both companies to establish the ICMI/MSG merger.

Maxwell Rand Inc., a private equity portfolio management firm, has funded the development of the technology assets of (Secure Interactive Integrated Broadcast Technology), and Interchange Medical, Inc. (EMR Multimedia Interactive collaboration and delivery technology.

The Future Today

On September 4, 2012, the reorganization of ICMI established a new Board of Directors and a proven management team in Health IT, Health Services and Global Branding: Jack Craciun III, Director/CEO, Dr. Ahmad F. Moradi, Chairman/CSO, Christopher F. Manacci, Director/President, Richard Paul, Director/CFO.

The Alliance and ICMI have delivered “The Future of Medicine” to the world by merging the academic and clinical practice expertise of Mr. Manacci with medical industry and science disciplines of Dr. Moradi. ICMI/MSG merger is now leading the way by delivering, to academia and clinical practice, the most sophisticated and clinically relevant Interactive, Integrated, HIPAA complaint, Tele-Health networks on earth and, to Physician, Patient, and Pharmacist, the world’s first multimedia electronic medical record (EMR) and e-Rx prescription delivery platforms of 3P.NET and 3PVMC.

ICMI, led by its proven management team, shall now pursue its public offering registration. The sole purpose of the Offering is to enhance the human condition around the world by delivering the most technologically advanced, integrated interactive tele-health service network, and industry leading global critical care academia and transport enterprise in a market of constant barriers to healthcare delivery such as distance, mobility and time constraints.

Weaving the fabrics of ICMI Health Technologies and leadership with Mr. Manacci’s proven track record combined with Mr. Craciun III global business, media, and branding, achievements provides an unprecedented know-how that will yield into a greater ROI for our valued shareholders.

Clinical Education and Clinical Practice in the Fourth Dimension will serve to enhance the human condition anywhere on earth whether in the air, on the ground, or in space, no matter how austere the environment and therefore represents “The Future of Medicine.”

Quote: Dr. J.D. Polk, DO, MS, MMM, CPE, FACOEP, Recent, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Chief, Space Medicine Division, NASA Johnson Space Center; Present, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Deputy Chief Medical Officer at Department of Homeland Security.

Dr. J.D. Polk, has recently expressed interest to join with Mr. Manacci in research pertaining to International Space Station (ISS) emergency return (stratospheric repatriation) said the following regarding Mr. Manacci and the future of the ITM/Manacci Seraphim Group Strategic Alliance, "I have worked with Christopher Manacci in both the clinical setting and in the arena of scientific inquiry over many years. Most recently, he has served NASA as a subject matter expert regarding critical care transport in austere environments. He is the most forward thinking practitioner in the practice of critical care and air medical transport globally. Mr. Manacci's development and implementation of the advanced practice model is the most innovative approach since the inception of using helicopters to save lives. We look forward to his continued work and the potential application of his model, as it relates to human space travel."

Special Note from Jack Craciun III: The primary purpose of The First Dragon Foundation™ and The Future of Medicine™, Inc. includes the following: The advancement of Integrative Medicine into the forefront of mainstream medicine, Integrative Cancer and Degenerative Disease Research, and related Clinical Trials. These are among the programs being designed by ITM in association with members of The First Dragon Foundation™, its strategic alliances, advisors and service providers for integration into and funding by The Future of Medicine PPM.

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